Thursday, June 21, 2012

PBS documentary Age of Champions Trailer

1# PBS documentary Age of Champions Trailer.

VDO of PBS documentary Age of Champions Trailer

After we tend to got the data concerning Pbs Kid Games ago VDO, we'll consider the PBS documentary Age of Champions Trailer. I urge everyone to use judgment in the audience. A recent survey found that I have encounter PBS documentary Age of Champions Trailer. I saw that it had been necessary for them to be printed. If any errors. I apologize. If you are doing not want to publish VDO. i'm pleased to be here. Thanks for a great VDO. PBS documentary Age of Champions Trailer Tube. Duration : 2.62 Mins.

Age of Champions Partnership to Fight Ageism ALFA is offering its members the opportunity to host a screening of the PBS documentary Age of Champions, an uplifting story about a group of athletes competing in the National Senior Games. These incredible athletes defy ageist beliefs and demonstrate the incredible capabilities of seniors across the country. Through this screening opportunity, ALFA members can kick start the conversation about ageism, active aging, and staying engaged in life as an older adult. The film follows a 100-year-old tennis player, an 86-year-old pole vaulter, a pair of swimming brothers, and a team of basketball grandmothers as they overcome adversity in their quest for gold at the National Senior Games. This film, portraying seniors who are powerful, determined, and strong, defies traditional stereotypes of older adults. Hosting a screening not only provides an excellent opportunity to inspire residents, employees, and members of the surrounding community but also allows your senior living community to demonstrate the strength of your own residents to the outside community. Have participants watch the film, take a tour of your community, and utilize the various aspects of the screening kit. The screening kit includes the DVD, discussion guides, active aging bracelets, postcards, and a full-size poster. The screening kit will be available to ALFA members at a reduced rate. Just enter the discount code "alfa" at checkout and get the kit for only 99 ...
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