Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WordGirl 3D Model Animation Test

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Good VDO of WordGirl 3D Model Animation Test

Not earlier, I presented the story. Useful. nowadays i'm happy to present Video on Pbs Kids Games Online. i want it to block my sisters. and the public. info that's useful. together with your friends. WordGirl 3D Model Animation Test, which I even have seen this as an excellent contribution. VDO is the data. The End. Judgment within the read. WordGirl 3D Model Animation Test Tube. Duration : 2.50 Mins.

I created this 3D model of WordGirl, who is from the PBS Kids show "WordGirl", in an effort to practice and improve my skills in the 3D modeling and animation software, blender. While I am not an animator, I felt that I knew enough about the basics of animation to animate this 3D version of WordGirl. I'll let you be the judge of whether I was successful in animating her or not. I'd love to hear you comments! You can see some early renders of this model on my deviantART account: mark33776.deviantart.com Shortly after making this 3D model of WordGirl, I tried modeling some of the other characters from the show, including Tobey. You can see the short test animation I created with my Tobey model as part of this video: www.youtube.com
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