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seeing Your Niche - 7 Ways to Recruit Customers

#1. seeing Your Niche - 7 Ways to Recruit Customers

seeing Your Niche - 7 Ways to Recruit Customers

Business owners and marketing citizen are facing needful challenges when it comes to marketing and advertising their businesses - what is the best way to reach their current and potential customers? Growing up, most of us had a few television channels to choose from - the local Abc, Cbs, Nbc, and Pbs stations - a handful of area radio stations, a few local, regional, and national newspapers, and some weekly national magazines. Today, we have hundreds of television channels, more radio stations, fewer newspapers, and the mum of all information sources, the Internet. All of these entertainment and information sources have fragmented our society, development it increasingly difficult to reach the citizen we're attempting to recite about our businesses.

seeing Your Niche - 7 Ways to Recruit Customers

With that in mind, here are seven tips to help businesses keep current customers and recruit new ones:

1. Specifically focus on your target customer. I often ask my clients to recite their midpoint customer. Often, a client will answer, "Everyone." everyone is not your customer. Yes, a broad cross-section of citizen may shop your business, but from what demographic group does most of your sales come from - soccer moms, women 30-50, young men, older men? Once you can voice where the bulk of your sales comes from, you have taken a major step send in how to attract that customer.

2. Where are your customers? You need to know what the lifestyle of your midpoint customer is. Are moms and dads driving kids to and from games, events, job? What do they do in their relaxation time? Where are they when they're not at work?

3. What medium works best? This is foremost too because if you choose the wrong medium for the right customer, your customer won't receive your message. Television recording services such as TiVo development bypassing commercials a snap. Newspaper readership is way down, especially for those individuals under the age of 40. The Internet is largely what the newspaper used to be but it allows us to do it quicker and at our convenience. Radio is a terrific medium because it is portable. citizen on the go take the radio with them.

4. What's in it for them? company owners like to talk about their business, especially in their advertising, regardless of which medium. citizen don't care about your company until they know what's in it for them. They don't care how long you've been in business, that you're favorably located, or that you're nice people. citizen want know how your goods or service is going to make their lives easier or more enjoyable. If you can reply that and put that in your advertising message, you'll attract a lot more people.

5. Don't compete on price! There are two types of buyers - transactional and relational. Transactional shoppers are only loyal to who has the bottom price and they'll drive 50 miles to save ten bucks. Relational shoppers buy because they trust the citizen they do company with, even if it means spending a diminutive more money. Every company has transactional and relational customers but who are you spending most of your ad dollars to attract? In a Wal-Mart world, if you compete on price, you're going to get your head handed to you. Besides, when you compete on price you're training your customers to only shop your company when you have a sale. Don't do that.

6. What is your customers' caress when they enter your business? 80% of marketing is done inside the store. 80%. Only 20% of your marketing efforts should be focused outside your store. How clean and organized is your store? How clean are your bathrooms (more foremost than you may realize)? Are employees knowledgeable, helpful, respectful, and friendly? Are items' prices clearly marked? Do you have store hours that make it easy for citizen to shop? Any advertising you do can get citizen to your door, but what happens when customers walk in? Do they have an caress that makes them want to come back and shop again?

7. What is your store's "wow factor?" What impresses citizen about your business? What will keep them advent back? What does your store offer beyond goods and price that will impress citizen to come back again and again? If you can identify and originate that "wow factor", you'll go a long way toward building loyal customers.

If you result these seven ways to attract customers, over time you will see your customer base and your bottom line grow.

© 2007 Eric Shoars

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