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Sesame Street's 40th Birthday Party

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It's hard to believe that the children's educational entertainment Tv show Sesame road has just turned 40 years old this 2009. The show began back on November 10, 1969 and has been one of the longest running Tv series to date.  Many population can recall watching this show when they were younger and being amused while taught by the likes of Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, the Count, Cookie Monster and Bert & Ernie.  These memorable puppets have prolonged on over four decades now entertaining even more kids and helping to teach letters, numbers and words among other topics.

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Over the years the Sesame road show has been a welcome Tv agenda in many homes, as it features friendly, amusing and entertaining puppet creatures known as muppets.  The paramount characters have been brought to life via Jim Henson Productions for the hour long television series which featured the beloved "Sunny Days" as its intro song.  Not only has the series featured the muppet characters, but also many great celebrity guest stars as well.  Over the years, spinoffs were created from the show, and it even brought about one of its biggest all-time stars in Elmo, the furry red monster who kids can't seem to get enough of these days.  The show has been instrumental in teaching preschoolers topics which consist of math, reading, spelling, and life skills topics.  It's also spawned the creation of major appeal pictures, albums, books, games, toys, dolls, and every other type of merchandise imaginable.

To celebrate the 40th birthday of the show, which occurs November 10, 2009, the current first lady, Michelle Obama will make a special guest appearance on the show. Sesame road is right on the gold proper in children's television programming, and serves as a benchmark for other kids shows to assess themselves with. The show has now aired over 4,000 episodes and with the way the Pbs series continues to entertain and educate, it's not hard to see them surpassing other 40 years of the same ability Tv for kids.

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